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Since their inception, Michael Shanahan & Co (established in 1931) and Olive Swaffield & Associates (founded in 1981) have remained steadfast in their commitment to providing exceptional accounting services to businesses in Central Queensland. Building upon this shared legacy, Shanahan Swaffield Partners was established in 2018 with a similar clientele and business ethos, laying the foundation for the continued delivery of outstanding accounting services to businesses in the region.

At Shanahan Swaffield Partners, our partners and accountants take pride in delivering comprehensive, value-added services and guidance to our clients.

We recognise that running a successful and sustainable business involves numerous factors. That's why we go beyond basic accounting, auditing, and taxation services to provide specialised solutions such as insurance, industry benchmarking, and valuations tailored to meet your unique requirements.

Our team is equipped with local, national, and international experience, which we leverage to help your business expand. As fellow locals, we have an in-depth understanding of the regional environment and its challenges.

About SSP | Shanahan Swaffield Partners

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