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Management Involved Buy-Outs

Does this sound like you??

Here at SSP we can help you. With our know-how resources and funding assistance from Legado Partners we can assist Management Teams to acquire your business and continue its amazing success.

Do you want to retire from business?

Business Owner

As a business owner do you find it difficult to sell?

We have an alternative …

Management Team

You can run the business… you can see potential in the business… you just need the funding to buy the business…

Management and managers are in great position to continue the success of the business. If the owners want to retire and you have the drive and vision to take the business to new heights, then contact us. We can help you.

Business Broker

As a business broker you may have some SME which are difficult to sell.

Here at SSP we have a workable solution to assist your client.

Management Involved Buy Out (MIBO). We assist management with the acquisition of the retiring business owner.


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